Work to begin on extension at Europoort

Work is expected to begin shortly on extending a new rail hub at the P&O Ferries terminal at Europoort, Holland.

The new extension is expected to keep up with the increasing demand of rail freight services at the Dutch port.

In 2013, rail RoRo and container volumes increased by 43% in comparison to 2012, with a growth of 78% recorded in 2014 from the previous year.

2015 is expected to see an increase of 80%.

An agreement has been made between P&O Ferries, other ferry providers and the Port of Rotterdam that additional rail capacity is required.

The track at the P&O Ferries terminal will be extended by 690 metres to allow trains to run at their full capacity.

At the moment, freight trains are being split in two because of insufficient track and it has been reported that this has become time-consuming and costly.

Around 26 trains operate in the week, with the view to run 32 trains within that time frame by early March.

It’s not reported whether the work to extend the Europoort rail service will affect passengers and journey schedules.

Source: Port News