P&O to revise rules on fancy dress and alcohol consumption

P&O Ferries are to make some revisions to what’s permitted on-board their shorter journeys.

Starting from 1st January 2018, passengers will no longer be allowed to wear any fancy dress and/or novelty clothing.

The exception to this rule is any official theme nights where passengers are encouraged to dress up and join in the fun and for any children under the age of 16.

In addition, clothing which has been visibly personalised with images and/or slogans and any bearing offensive language, images or slogans will now be banned.

"We reserve the right to deny embarkation to guests who are inappropriately dressed,” P&O have stated on their website.

New restrictions on the amount of alcohol passengers are able to bring on-board are also set to come into effect, with anyone over the age of 18 now able to only bring one bottle of booze aboard the ship.

Any extra will be stored and returned to guests on the last evening of the cruise.

P&O will be changing the way in which they advertise these types of short cruises by no longer using the words “party” or “celebration” in any promotional material.

"We are rebranding our two-to-five-night cruises to 'short break' cruises as 'celebration' cruises are not representative of the P&O Cruises experience," said a P&O spokeswoman.

"We are aiming to ensure that these cruises are an accurate representation of the P&O Cruises experience on board and we set guests expectations accurately in advance so that the holidays are special for everyone."

Source: Travel Mole