P&O cruise ship assists in the rescue of 10 migrants

A P&O cruise ship worked alongside the Spanish coastguard to save 10 migrants who were struggling to stay afloat in an inflatable dinghy.

The Britannia was on its way to the British-owned island of Gibraltar when several crew members spotted the men in the water.

An emergency call was placed to the Spanish coastguard as the liner made a U-turn in order to sail back to where the sightings occurred.

A rescue helicopter was then quickly sent to fish the group out of the water and drop them aboard the ship.

The 10 men, believed to have set sail from somewhere in Northern Africa, were given shelter, food and a medical screening which found them to shaken but thankfully unharmed.

“There was a tiny little boat in the water and we saw a lot of people in it,” said one unnamed onlooker. “It was absolutely pitch black. The seas were fairly calm but we were completely in the middle of nowhere.”

A second rescue boat was dispatched out to the Britannia to take the men ashore.

Spanish authorities stated that a spate of good weather had lead to a sudden influx of people deciding to try and cross the sea in recent weeks.

The ongoing migrant crisis has over a million-people attempting to cross into Europe since 2015.

Source: Cruise Bulletin