English Channel's first Wi-Fi hotspot revealed

P&O Ferries and MTN Communications have revealed the English Channel’s first Wi-Fi hotspot.

Ferry services on the Dover-Calais route are now offering customers the chance to browse the web while travelling across the English Channel.

Ferries are connected to MTN’s Terrestrial Broadband Network (TBN) with back-up satellite connectivity.

P&O Ferries have broadband antenna tracking and stabilization systems, which will keep passengers connected to the World Wide Web across the 22 miles of channel between Dover and Calais.

A satellite communications system was installed along the P&O Ferries Irish Sea route in December 2013 and the North Sea route was connected in August 2014.

Head of propositions at P&O Ferries, Ian Rabbidge said: “Ferries traditionally have relied solely on satellite bandwidth for communications services. With connectivity demands exponentially increasing in our ferries, it was crucial for us to find a more reliable solution.

“P&O Ferries is proud to be the first ferry operator in the world to showcase such an advanced communications offering to its passengers and crew.”

Passengers will be able to browse the web and keep in contact with people back home using the Wi-Fi hotspot.

Senior Vice President of cruise and ferry services at MTN, Brent Horwitz added: “This enhanced connectivity, and access to work and travel-related applications and content, is at a level beyond what any other ferry operator has today.”

Source: Travolution